Business Overview

Pasta is good for you!

Yet another Pasta company? No!
We do not just manufacture pasta!
We are passionate about providing Pasta!

As the largest manufacturer in ARAB-ASIA and Sultanate of Oman’s pioneer manufacturer of dry pasta, SALALAH MACARONI COMPANY is a trusted provider of quality pasta products, both long cuts and short cuts, under our own flagship brands like PASTA AL KAHREEF in the Sultanate of Oman, PASTA AL SAFWA, SANO in Yemen, and PASTA ROSA, ULTIMA, FIORA, GRANDE, PASTELLA, PRIMA, MARINO in East Africa, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Yemen, Kuwait, Angola, Zambia, Ethiopia, Tanzania with steady penetration in other global markets. We also serve the preferred, professionally managed distribution and  retail chain organizations with our state of the art private label programs for which we employ our comprehensive, exemplary know-how, market intelligence and proficiency to be of assistance in building up, positioning, promoting and selling eminent store brands at a value price.

Ease of transshipment!!

SALALAH MACARONI COMPANY post incorporation in 2007 is based at Salalah, which is the fastest growing port city in the Middle-East offering one of the most significant pro-business environments by being strategically located on the sea route between the Arabian Peninsula East Africa and Indian Ocean Rim countries. Moreover ‘The Port of Salalah is the deepwater port in the southern region of Oman, which can accommodate large vessels up to 16m draft and is the main Container Transshipment Terminal of the region. The port offers a sheltered harbor protected by a breakwater’

Manufacturing competence!

Our technologists work closely with the constituents helping customers to meet their demanding specifications and helps in the development of new concepts. The Company’s plant and technological excellence is from Fava S.p.A., Italy and Buhler Uzwill Switzerland which enables it to become the largest manufacturer of dry pasta in ARAB-ASIA elevating its production competence from 36,000 MT/annum to 90,000 MT/annum for both long and short cut pasta.

SALALAH MACARONI COMPANY is constantly striving to tender real Italian pasta products based on innovative resources to delight fluctuating consumer wants in the market place. We ought to grow through innovation and renovation maintaining balance in geographic activities and product lines.

Value added customer service!!

At SALALAH MACARONI COMPANY, we never surrender Long-term potential for short-term presentation, performance and gains. As observed by Freeman (2006) ‘Management has a fiduciary responsibility to stakeholders’ conceding to his posit and findings our main concern is to bring the best and most relevant products to people globally understanding their needs and their lives, aligning the achievement of the satisfaction of all stakeholders in general and consumers in particular. Moreover,

“Organizations without a history of mutually accepted shared values tend to come apart during stress.

People in touch with core values can deal with change, ambiguity, stress, and tough times.

People tend avoid the ambiguous yet that is what tends to be the most rewarding Individuals need organizational support to act morally”

Therefore in the course of our way of dealing, we endeavor to exhibit a deep indulgence and understanding of the local nature of taste, nutrition, health and well-being in order to share the values and traditions of the regional customers. We believe that there is just not one product for everyone so our endeavor is to tailor the products to suit the tastes and habits of the consumers, wherever they are.

SALALAH MACARONI COMPANY is commended until now and will continue to be in the future as well by contributing nutritionally balanced, delicious and healthy pasta of the premier features to the mankind, manufactured with great reverence to the environment.

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